Saturday, 18 December 2010

Running for charity

Tomorow we are running for charity. The event we are participating in is an initiative of the Dutch radiostation 3fm. Every year 3 DJ's are broadcasting from a house of glass for 1 week. Whilst their stay they don't eat anything for the good cause. This years cause is the AIDS foundation. People all over the Netherlands participate in this event in all kinds of ways. Our friends of Frunning initiated a 40km run from Den Bosch to Eindhoven, where the house of glass is stationed. We make it a relay-race to break up the rather long distance. There is a little coach where we can rest, warm up and chill during the run. We are expecting a lot of snow tomorow so we will be a little cold but the scenery along our way will be beautiful!

Join us!
You can still participate so don't hesitate to join us! Contact Frunning on

Support us!
You can also come and support us along the way. Check out the map to see where we'll be running:

Friday, 10 December 2010

Loop je ook mee voor 3FM Serious Request?

Wil je dit jaar eens actief bijdragen aan de Serious Request actie van 3fm en het Rode Kruis? Sluit je dan aan bij Team Frunning.

Zoals zovelen hebben de afgelopen jaren braaf gedoneerd, en dit jaar doen we dat ook… maar we gaan het wèl zelf brengen! We vertrekken vanuit ‘s-Hertogenbosch, en gaan in estafettevorm hardlopend naar het Glazen Huis in Eindhoven.

Iedereen kan zich hier bij aansluiten!
We gaan als groep en komen als groep aan, maar je bepaalt voor jezelf hoe ver en hoe vaak je loopt. Ben je (te) moe dan stap je gewoon even in de rustbus! Deze is voorzien van warme dekens, muziek, gezelschap en uiteraard hapjes en drankjes. Wij zelf lopen graag barefoot-style, maar iedereen is natuurlijk welkom, met welke ‘style’ of schoenen dan ook. Wil je meteen inschrijven of wil je eerst meer informatie mail dan naar!

We kunnen niet met lege handen aankomen!

Deelname is gratis, maar natuurlijk verwachten we wel van ieder een bijdrage aan de gezamenlijke donatie. Hoeveel je bijdraagt is helemaal aan jou, en uiteraard zijn giften van vrienden, familie, collega’s en kennissen ook zeer welkom! Onderweg passeren we een paar dorpjes waar we ook ons best gaan doen wat geld los te krijgen voor het goede doel. In Eindhoven gaan we dit geld natuurlijk zelf afgeven bij het Glazen Huis.


It's been a while....

Yes... it's been a while since we wrote on our blog. Shame on us! But two weeks ago we did run the Oude Warande loop in Tilburg. It was a 5km run and the conditions were extreme! The temperature was far below zero so we were really freezing our buts and toes off. But.... we both ran our first PR, 5km in about 30 mins. 

It's very cold and wet in The Netherlands at the moment. Our village is covered with snow and our little feet are freezing in our VFF's. To be honest with you guys... we haven't been running much the last 2 weeks. We'll have to get back on track with our running schedule and defeat the cold. We will, I promise!

 We rather prefer a hot Chocomel

We are now officially sponsored by Anyones Running. We got beautiful runningshirts and jackets to keep us warm during the winter. So we have to start running again otherwise they get angry with us ;-))

Sunday, 21 November 2010

New shoes from Altra Running

We've been looking forward to the release the new shoes from Altra Running. This week the big news arrived through Twitter that prices and release dates are announced on their site.

Their mission:
"Our Mission is to bring proper running technique to the masses through natural footwear.  Altra will provide zero drop footwear that will allow everyone from the hardcore minimalist to the person just getting off their couch to run with proper form, therefore making running easier, more fun, and less injurious.

Altra Running released different models for men and women and the design is really nice! Below some pictures of the "Adam" and the "Instinct". These go for $94,99 and $89,99 so that's a fair price to us.

We're a big fan already so we'd be happy to write a review for the ladyline guys! ;-)

 The Instinct $ 89,99

  The Adam $ 89,99

More models are:
The Instinct and Intuition – $94.99  Available February/March 2011 – Limited quantities until April 1st
The Adam and Eve – $89.99 Available April 2011
The Lone Peak Men’s and Women’s – $99.99
Available April 2011

Two new models soon to be announced:

The Samson and Delilah
The Provision and Provisioness
Check for prices and details:

Monday, 15 November 2010

Flowers? Ah you shouldn't have! ;-)

Picture by Paul, Anyones Running

Wet wet wet!

We are sorry to have to let you know that we had to cancel our last weekends run. The weather conditions were so bad that we decided not to participate in the Beekse Bosloop. We have had copious amounts of rain here in The Netherlands.  Villages have overflooded and we have been nervously monitoring the stream which runs through the village in fear of flooding. The ditch alongside our home, is threatening to burst at the seams. Where before it was 2m ditch, it is now bragging a width of 4m's.

In lieu of all of that we're sorry, no report for you guys! There is another trail run 2 weeks from now namely the Warande Loop. Thumbs and toes crossed for better weather conditions, but rest assured that we'll keep updating our blog.


Thursday, 11 November 2010

302 viewers!

Yesterday we had 302 viewers IN JUST ONE DAY! Just wanted to share this with you, so cool!

We're gonna be famous!