Thursday, 4 November 2010

The 9k...

Yes!!!!!!! Today we ran our first 9km and it went awesome! We ran 9km in 1 hour so that went pretty well I think. Up until now I ran about 8.6km/hour so I am really proud of myself. The first 7km were absolutely no problem. The final 2km I died almost every step I made... Today was one of those days, if you know what I mean... and my body felt so hot, you don't wanna know! The first part of our run we ran in the open field with a nice ferm breeze. The last 2km we went through the village and that took away the nice cooling down breeze. I got warmer and warmer and didn't get any change to cool down my body. I felt like I could explode any minute. But.... I made it! And with a great average speed. I AM PROUD!

In 2,5 weeks we wanna do a 10km run called 'De Beekse Bosloop', so we've got some training to do. Looking back on today that should be no problem.



  1. Good job. In a few weeks you will be running 9k as if it was nothing.

  2. Congratulations and great job!! Sounds like you had fun, too. I can´t wait to hear about your upcoming 10k. (Make sure to take a nice break, let those muscles and tendons rest!)