Sunday, 21 November 2010

New shoes from Altra Running

We've been looking forward to the release the new shoes from Altra Running. This week the big news arrived through Twitter that prices and release dates are announced on their site.

Their mission:
"Our Mission is to bring proper running technique to the masses through natural footwear.  Altra will provide zero drop footwear that will allow everyone from the hardcore minimalist to the person just getting off their couch to run with proper form, therefore making running easier, more fun, and less injurious.

Altra Running released different models for men and women and the design is really nice! Below some pictures of the "Adam" and the "Instinct". These go for $94,99 and $89,99 so that's a fair price to us.

We're a big fan already so we'd be happy to write a review for the ladyline guys! ;-)

 The Instinct $ 89,99

  The Adam $ 89,99

More models are:
The Instinct and Intuition – $94.99  Available February/March 2011 – Limited quantities until April 1st
The Adam and Eve – $89.99 Available April 2011
The Lone Peak Men’s and Women’s – $99.99
Available April 2011

Two new models soon to be announced:

The Samson and Delilah
The Provision and Provisioness
Check for prices and details:

Monday, 15 November 2010

Flowers? Ah you shouldn't have! ;-)

Picture by Paul, Anyones Running

Wet wet wet!

We are sorry to have to let you know that we had to cancel our last weekends run. The weather conditions were so bad that we decided not to participate in the Beekse Bosloop. We have had copious amounts of rain here in The Netherlands.  Villages have overflooded and we have been nervously monitoring the stream which runs through the village in fear of flooding. The ditch alongside our home, is threatening to burst at the seams. Where before it was 2m ditch, it is now bragging a width of 4m's.

In lieu of all of that we're sorry, no report for you guys! There is another trail run 2 weeks from now namely the Warande Loop. Thumbs and toes crossed for better weather conditions, but rest assured that we'll keep updating our blog.


Thursday, 11 November 2010

302 viewers!

Yesterday we had 302 viewers IN JUST ONE DAY! Just wanted to share this with you, so cool!

We're gonna be famous!

Wednesday, 10 November 2010

A wet and cold but F(un) Running Clinic

Last Sunday we were invited to join the Barefoot Style Running Clinic organised by Frunning and Anyones Running. That meant no breakfast in bed and lazy sundaymorning for us. So we got up early to meet Paul and Ans at 9 in Tilburg. Paul gave us some nice sponsored runningshirts as a gift (Thanks Paul!) so we took this opportunity to give him some nice 'free' publicity. There was a nice small group of runners to participate in the clinic. For Frunning it was their first 'try out' and they managed well. Only the weather sucked! Because we were running, listening, practising and listening, running and more listening, we were getting wet, cold and eventualy soaked at the end. We just wanted to go home and have a nice hot shower! Sorry guys for not paying that much attention anymore at the end. But we did have fun and learned some more about Barefoot Running. So if you live in Holland and would like to learn some more about Barefoot Style Running then check out the site of these guys


Talk through

Like little rabbits!

Big steps like 'normal' runners do

Michelle is the best MEGA JUMPER

Bend your knees and up! Augh...

The rabbits again! We were lucky there were no hunters around

Some pull excersises

Thursday, 4 November 2010

The 9k...

Yes!!!!!!! Today we ran our first 9km and it went awesome! We ran 9km in 1 hour so that went pretty well I think. Up until now I ran about 8.6km/hour so I am really proud of myself. The first 7km were absolutely no problem. The final 2km I died almost every step I made... Today was one of those days, if you know what I mean... and my body felt so hot, you don't wanna know! The first part of our run we ran in the open field with a nice ferm breeze. The last 2km we went through the village and that took away the nice cooling down breeze. I got warmer and warmer and didn't get any change to cool down my body. I felt like I could explode any minute. But.... I made it! And with a great average speed. I AM PROUD!

In 2,5 weeks we wanna do a 10km run called 'De Beekse Bosloop', so we've got some training to do. Looking back on today that should be no problem.