Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Try out

Yesterday I had my first run in 4 days. I wanted to give it a try and also find out what the problem could be. So I went for a nice and quit run, focusing on my landing and the movement of my hurt foot. The pain I had in that foot didn't seem to get worse when I was running. I was able to make a very smooth landing with my feet and didn't put any pressure my foot. I felt relaxed and really enjoyed the run. Maybe that 4 days rest also had something to do with it? So I think the problem was that I might have stepped on a root or misstepped after the jump over the fence and that has caused a small bruise.

Normally we run 4 days a week, every other day. We'd rather run every day but we do need some rest because we don't want to get injured. Yesterday I found out that a good rest every now and then gives your body a lot of energy. I wasn't able to run for four days so that gave my body some time to recover. And on my yesterdays run that felt so nice! 

So my foot is feeling almost fine. Tomorow we're going for another run, hoping that it wil be as smooth as yesterday ;-) Just gonna listen to my body and focus on a good posture and landing. And most important... enjoy!

Thanks Paul, Steven and Robyn for your advice!


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