Thursday, 14 October 2010


Michelle writes: 
Well hello world! As you may have noticed by the intro, my brain is totally saturated with endorphines. We have just returned from an awesome 6k run and although only 6 weeks into our training, I am amazed with the results. Esther and I couldn't be more different. We may have both started running around the same time, but how we experience it is so different. So different it's uncanny, but you know what, we both share the same passion and fun that we gain out of it. Where I'm more focused on the statistics of a session (speed vs bpm heartrate, elevation, etc), Esther on the other hand grades each session by how comfortable she experienced the run. I must admit and let you all know that I am an individual who finds a challenge in anything. With each challenge, a thrill factor. And if that isn't present, I get bored and hook off. So, in other words, I can be my own best friend or my worst enemy. That being said, the longevity of any sports activity I undertake is directly related to the thrill factor that I get (or don't) out of it.  Perhaps some of you can identify with this? 

But having embarked on this newfound adventure, that being running in a different-style to what I have been used to, I find myself growing. Not so much in my performance but rather to the enjoyment of it all. I must admit, I have never truly enjoyed anything sports-related (except for winning) as much as I have now... Running in the same way Esther runs... that without a statistical goal, but for the pleasure of it all!

So this brings me to the inevitable question: "What makes it all worthwhile ?" What is it that truly makes a good sportsman or woman ?  Is it the ACHIEVEMENT or is it the ENJOYMENT. I am slowly becoming to believe that the motivation of achievement (as I have known it to be) is short-lived and risky and that enjoyment on the other hand is the underlying fundamental factor for success, whether you win or not and that you inevitably will achieve if you just enjoy. 

Now with this insight I'm really looking forward to my next scheduled run which is Saturday, an 8K run. This time without a heart-monitor or sportswatch. 



  1. OK. Thought I posted a comment, but maybe I'm seeing things.

    Enjoying reading yours and Esther's blog and thought I would weigh in...

    I would definitely go with the enjoyment part, but not sure pure enjoyment makes a great sportsperson. Enjoyment definitely makes it worthwhile, however. For me, personally, going completely barefoot has also reignited my passion for running. It hasn't been easy (I'm still in the transition stage), but I'm also growing and learning about myself, which gives me a lot of enjoyment. I love the immediate feedback that I get when feeling my soles touch the ground. That would have sounded really stupid coming out of my mouth 2 months ago, but its so true now. Glad to hear you are feeling the "Fi-yah!" and having fun with it. Keep it up!

  2. * zapmanak - Thanks for the comment! We are having so much fun running! The only not-so-much-fun part of it is getting up so ****ing early in the morning. Specially now in wintertime when its dark, wet and cold. But we do prefer running in the morning because it gives you so much energy for the day. When we come home late in the evening we just wanna be couch potatoes for a while ;-)
    Real barefoot running is not an option for us right now because its so cold and wet. But next summer we'll surely be naked again!

    Keep it up and enjoy!