Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Into the flow

Today we ran 7km. Yiehaaaa! I am so proud of myself! And of Michelle ofcourse because she ran with me while challenging and motivating me. Running together with someone works very motivating for me. Michelles pace is a little bit faster then mine so every now and then she turns around to come back and 'pick me up'  haha! She is so sweet... And today I even jumped over a wooden fence! Normally a crawled over it but not today. I felt like a young deer ;-) My legs are getting stronger and my energylevel goes up. Good feelings all over!

The Esche Stroom, a little river close to our home

The scenery route for today went through the Sparrenbos (which is a beautiful old pine forest) and along the beautiful Esche Stroom (a little river close to our home). I am able to enjoy the surroundings more and more while running. It is starting to become a natural movement, I am relaxed and I have a composed breathing. I can just run with a big smile on my face!
We passed some other runners this week which where running on 'normal' running shoes and practice the heelstrike. And they just don't look as relaxed as we do. They are fighting the earth and its gravity. They are pushing their feet into the ground and pulling themselves forward sweating and all. I am wondering.... do they really enjoy the running? You can hear them coming by their heavy breathing and the stamping of their feet. We just 'float' over the earth smiling and enjoying our run so much. I am so happy we are running barefoot style! It is so much fun and it makes running so much more natural. Can't wait for the summer to come because we wanna run really barefoot a lot more.


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