Sunday, 19 September 2010

Welcome to our Barefoot running blog!

Hello and welcome to our blog! My name is Esther and together with my girlfriend Michelle we started running Barefoot. It all started 3 weeks ago. I used to be a frequent runner 3 years ago. Running has never been easy for me. It was a struggle everytime I went outside to do my workout. I ran 5 times a week for one hour but it was hard! Michelle is a sprinter. She was one of the fastest girls in school so running for her is something natural.

Recently we moved to a little village and now live on the countryside in the Netherlands. We are surrounded by nature and outdoorsporting is the greatest thing for us. In summer we've done a lot of cycling on our hybrid bikes and now Michelle thought it would be a great idea to start running again. Tone my tummy! We both needed new pairs of running shoes so we headed for the shops. A good friend of mine, who's running for some years, introduced us to Barefoot running. He and his wife changed their way of life completely and introduced running and good nutrition into their lifes. They never felt better before! And they look great too! Recently they opened their shop where they sell their new lifestyle. So here we are... trying on some crazy looking shoes with seperated toes.
We ran up and down the store and it felt great. We're always into something new so we bought the Vibram Fivefingers Speed, specially designed for rough terrain. We run in the forest so we do need a bit more protection for our nice little feet.

Our Vibram Fivefingers Speed

Your feet do have to get used to the feeling of walking barefoot. It takes a while to get these shoes on because every toe has its own little socket. But when you get used to it you fit them just as quickly as your normal shoes. We first started walking to get used to the feeling. You feel the earth beneath your feet and that is so nice! You feel every brance, every acorn and every stone. But your feet adapt very easily to this unusual sensation. My feet liked it! The contact with the earth is so special... We wanted more! So the next day we started running. Short tracks and enough walking i between. Your calves have to work now and that's new to us. But it feels more natural to run like this. Your foot lands on the middle and not on your heel. And that happens without even thinking.about how to walk differently.. Because its natural? I just started running at a slow past and enjoyed the feeling sliding through the air. No hard working and fighting and struggling. Now I enjoy running for the first time in my life!

We've been running now for 3 weeks. This morning we ran 6 km and I am so proud! My dear friend told us to take it easy and not run to far to quickly. We very carefully listen to our body and take a day off when our body tells us to. We do have a goal but having fun and enjoying nature is our biggest goal. Your body is your personal coach. It will tell you exactly what to do! So slow down when you're in pain or getting tired. And enjoy when a smile appears on you face.

We love to share our experiences on Barefoot running and tell the world what is has done for us. If you wanna have some more information about barefootrunning techniques please come back to our blog and check out the links on the left side.

Michelle and I will be back soon
with more of our barefoot adventures!

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