Sunday, 26 September 2010

We went naked... all the way! (5Km)

This morning we went for our first naked feet run. We were so excited! We went to a bike and skate race track which has very smooth asphalt and some grass to excersice. We first gave our feet a little warm up with some excersises. Walking on your toes, walking on the sides and walking on your heels, just to get used to the feeling of walking barefoot. 

Allright enough practising... lets go! And we went running not defining any distance or speed. The first 500m where very tense. Our feet burnt a little and the steps where a little bit cautious. But after a while your feet get used to the feeling and you just run and enjoy! At the end we ran 5 km with an average speed of 8km an hour.

After our run I didn't have the feeling I had done much damage to my feet. One toe felt a little sore and the ball of my right foot was burning a little. It appeared that I had a blister at the ball of my right foot and a small cut in my little toe. Michelles feet looked a little better then mine except for the fact that she' stumbled in the last 10m and her nail started bleeding.

I would have thought after running 5km my feet would be much more damaged! The skin on my feet is very thin and really has to build up a bit more. Michelles feet are used to more excercise due to the fact she been walking around barefoot most of her upgrowing life. She's a South African so she has the real bushmen feet  *ghe ghe*

Unfortunately winter is coming up in Holland so it will be very cold and we're not such die hards yet to walk barefoot in the snow. But we surely loved the experience and wanna give it another try. We'll be looking up some more nice asphalt tracks and keep you posted.

To be continued naked for sure! 

 Our feet after running 5km barefoot. On the left my 'citygirlfeet' and on the right Michelles 'bushmenfeet'

 The bottom of Michelles feet after the run. Not bad!

 Michelles bleeding toe.

 I had a little cut on my right toe and a blister on the ball of my feet.

The bottom of my feet. Pretty okay!


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