Wednesday, 22 September 2010

We stand to be corrected!

Hmmmz, yes yes! Listen up..

A rarely spotted yet familiar, barefooted little bird whispered in my ear tonight. The message: If it ain't naked, it's not barefoot. And since we're girls of integrity, we thought we'd be more specific about our newly found passion, which is running 'minimalist footwear' style and not (for the moment) barefoot. We're not die hards... yet! So humble apologies for the confusion, but it is all about our passion and not about marketing something for what it isn't. 

p.s. off tomorrow for an early start, Es in fivefinger Vibrams and I'll be running in Terra Plana Vivo doing a short n sweet 5k run.

-Esther & Michelle-
(almost)barefoot farm girls

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  1. leuk!, zal nog zeker over mijn ervaringen met de vvf schrijven en jullie document toevoegen en link!

    greetz martine