Sunday, 26 September 2010

Barefoot in Nieuwkuijk, the Netherlands

We will be testing barefoot running tomorrow on a smooth roller-blade outside track in Nieuwkuijk (NB). No shoes, no sox, just the skin2surface. We have been watching some really awesome Youtube clips about (real!!)barefoot running, so we're gonna check it out for ourselves. 

I do believe that it's not about what you put on your feet that matters, but really what you do with them that  counts (as per Chris Mcdougall), nonetheless, we're excited and can't wait to get going, (Fred Flintstone-style perhaps ???).

So this means our Vibram Five fingers can take a load off and enjoy a days rest.

Catch you thereafter!

p.s. ToddB, thanks for your inspiration... Response to follow after this experience ;-).

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