Monday, 27 September 2010

How to avoid blisters

This morning I did some research on how to avoid those blisters I've got from yesterdays running. I found some interesting websites about this subject. And also Ken Bob Saxton was so nice to give some advice and emailed me some tips. Thanks Ken Bob, they were really helpfull!

How to avoid blisters:



  1. First of all, hello Esther and Michelle!
    Im very happy to see you have found because I cannot emphasize enough how important is to read the articles on Beginning and How to Run. Thanks to everyone over there I am able to run without blisters or any pain. I used to think they were “extreme“ or “radicals“ for insisting on going barefoot (and not with minimal shoes) to learn, but I experienced first hand that everything they said was absolutely right! If you want to spare yourselves anymore blisters, foot pain or achilles tendon damage, you HAVE to listen to this guy and all the awesome people at his forum! Go barefoot, take it slow and short, relax, bend your knees :) I promise its super fun and not about withstanding pain. (But Im sure by now youpve probably figured this all out!!)
    Keep it up and, above all, have fun out there!!

  2. Hi Lorena! Thanks for coming to our blog. We've been reading and practising a lot lately. Our running is improving every day. It becomes more and more relaxed and we are having so much fun! Real barefoot running is not an option for us right now because its cold and wet in Holland, so we are wearing our VFF. But next summer we sure gonna be naked again.

    Have fun Lorena and keep it up to you too! And keep posted on our blog and share your thoughts with us.