Thursday, 30 September 2010

The haunted forest

This morning we woke up at 6AM to go for a 5km run. It was still pitch black outside so we put on our headlights to see where we were heading. Today will be our first run in the forest while its still dark.
I don't like the forest when its dark. During daytime I love to be there. It's beautiful, it smells nice and I love to spot some deer or a hare. But when it's dark I just don't wanna be there. I think it's spooky and my nightvision sucks so I don't see a thing. But I went.... the upcoming 6 months it will be dark every morning so I better get over it. 
The haunted forest. Dark, moist and spooky...

So we're off. First a short track on asphalt before we reach the forest. It gives me time to get used to the dark and the wobbling light on my head. And to get over my fear for the 'haunted forest' because thats what it feels like to me right now. Yes I know this is kinda childish. Maybe my parents told me to many scary stories about the dark forest... Lucky enough I have company so I better keep up with Michelle otherwise I will be running alone in that forest. 
We're there... We first enter the forest on a straight path that is less dark then the forest itself. After a 200m we bend to the right and we enter 'the darkness'. For a moment I thought 'I am not going!'. But Michelle was already ahead of me and the thought of being alone in the dark in 'the haunted forest' didn't atrack me at all. So I tried to kill my thoughts and started running at a higher pace to keep up with Michelle. Man it was fucking dark! I tried to point my headlight down to get a better view at the ground because there are a lot of branches and roots and I don't wanna trip on something. This surely took away my scary thoughts because I was too  busy not to stumble. 
Being so busy not to stumble it didn't give me the opportunity to relax and enjoy the run. I couldn't get the headlight right and kept stepping on branches and roots. I told myself to trust my feet and try to keep a relaxed pace. If I am relaxed my feet will correct themselves when I step on something. These thoughts helped me a lot and being more relaxed my feet did adapt to the bumpy surface and corrected themselves where necesary. While running down the path suddenly out of the dark 3 big deer appeared and headed towards us. They just crossed our path 3m in front of us. That was awesome! That really brings you close to nature...
It was a long 5km today but I did enjoy it. I am proud of myself that I did go into that dark forest. And it was hard because you have to adapt to the bumpy surface without seeing it very well. Trust your body and relax. It's not just running, its so much more! Its a mindset, listen to your body and your feet. Push your limits!

P.S. when I came home I found out that my headlight was adjustable and it could be pointed up or down. Duuuuh! So that will solve my problem next time we're running in the dark. I'm looking forward to it!



  1. mooi verhaal Essie , je wil doorlezen..., ik kijk uit naar jullie volgende uitstapjes....

    Anyones-barefoot style Paul

  2. OMG, I didn't see this forest when I went running with you this morning! Are you sure we were in the same place together ?

    lol ;-)

  3. That's because you were running so fast! Sure you didn't notice any of the creatures that tried to attack you from behind? You were in the FLOW baby ;-)

  4. you can also strap you headlight around your waist. That way you getter better shadows and that allows you so see the roots better.