Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Energy boost

It's nice to see that so many people are visiting our brand new blog. We get about 90 views a day and we're just online for one week. Thanks everybody for being interested in our stories! That keeps us motivated even more to share our stories. 

Yesterday I went running in the pooring rain. At first I didn't wanna go. Getting all wet and cold, bleh! Winter is coming up and there will be much more days like this to come. So I grabbed myself together, put on my runningtrousers and went outside. It went out to be a great run! I ran 6km and I loved every minute of it. My VFF got soaking wet and I was a little afraid of getting blisters. When wet they might start rubbing my feet. But no! No pain at all! I ran 2,5km on asphalt and 3,5km in the forest. Running through the mud and puddles is so much fun. Trail running is really what I like to do. I am lucky to live in the countryside so I don't have to run and breath the exhaust of all the traffic coming by. Nice clean air makes running so much better. 


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